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Peak_District_Environmental_Quality_MarkEnvironmental Policy

Peak District Creations (PDC) will actively seek to minimise its impact on the environment both locally and globally through the implementation of an Environmental Management Programme (EMP). PDC will seek to gain the Environmental Quality Mark issued by the Peak District National Park as a means to gain an independent review of its EMP. Outlined below are the main objectives which will be implemented by the EMP.

Energy Management - PDC commits to monitoring its energy use and to target areas for improved efficiency of use with the aim of reducing the adverse environmental effects associated with energy use. Where practical carbon neutral sources will be used and offset schemes developed.

Waste Management - PDC will where practical monitor its various waste streams and seek to reduce, reuse and recycle as appropriate. This will include the use of electronic communication via internet, telephone, paperless billing software to reduce the creation of waste at its client locations.

Communication - PDC will through its website, client and customer base,  communicate its environmental best practices in an attempt to have a positive benefit outside of its immediate areas of control.

This policy and objectives will be reviewed periodically and revised as required by PDC.

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