About Us

The choice of the word 'Creator' rather than 'Artist' was deliberate from the outset. Many hand skills learnt through years of experience give rise to creations often beautiful, functional and highly desirable - not all are widely regarded as 'art'. Equally, creations do not have to be 'hand made' or 'crafty' and yet many are.

The concept was simply to gain advantage of numbers of creators linked through a single point, each creator bringing a small number of clients to the site and ensuring that the site was well designed, easy to use and provide a pleasurable browsing and shopping experience.
In return for an annual subscription, an individual, small business or group can have a creator's page with product listings, links to other websites and contacts, an events calendar, news line and whole host of other features many of which are out of reach of the smaller traders whose primary task is that of the creation of a product frequently as a bespoke item.

Peak District Creations is a place where to sell, where to buy, where to promote all things creative within the Peak District and surrounding area. It is more than an Arts and Crafts Directory and at the same time more than just a directory of all things Hand Made, there are custom made art items, and arts and crafts items and many more besides. Take the time to look hrough a few pages of the creators to get a feel for the range of skills, services and products available within the Peak District. Increasingly, subscribers are finding services and products from fellow subscribers which adds a further dimension to the site.